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Entry #3

New Game

2008-10-03 20:26:05 by jscdragon

experimental puzzle game

apologies for long cut scenes, i MIGHT speed them up, but as this doubles as "art" i might be pretentious and not :P

New Game


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2008-10-03 20:26:54

Oh yeah still working on next rpg, i rly pleased with the improvements, this game is more of a side project for random fun :)


2009-10-12 09:55:37

Hey, it looks good. Did you do it all yourself?


2010-06-25 10:47:03

are you seriously going to make 24 episodes of "24 minutes"


2014-07-20 00:09:16

So are you ever gonna make a part 2 for "The Hotel (3D)Halloween08" flash? the style reminded me of doom which is awesome, the music was excellent (it kept me on my toes waiting to be scared), that atmosphere built up enough questions to make me hungry for a back story, plus you did say end of part one its been a 6 year cliffhanger to me. I kind of wish I could go back and edit my review cause I will admit I was grumpy that day, plus I was young, stupid, and didn't know how to properly review.