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New Game

2008-10-03 20:26:05 by jscdragon

experimental puzzle game

apologies for long cut scenes, i MIGHT speed them up, but as this doubles as "art" i might be pretentious and not :P

New Game

Pwnage RPG!!!

2008-05-04 16:11:49 by jscdragon

The updated version got a green score! :)

I'm happy now, just need to fix a few bugs, stay tuned for updates and news on episode 2.

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2008-05-02 16:19:33 by jscdragon

Just been submitted :)

it somehow has a worse score than the crap i submitted 2 years ago tho? (2.6ish vs 2.9ish) so pls vote nice if u like it :)

I will continue to update the code to make it smoother and faster too so if u like the look of it, but find it a bit slow then check back soon too :D

EDIT: Up again and improved, let's see how it does this time...

Check out my RPG!